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Silvia N. Delalande, Homeopathic Practitioner In Brampton Ontario Canada Answers Your Questions Concerning Homeopathy, Bowen Therapy, As Well As Breast Cancer Screening

Questions & Answers

Question - How Effective Are Homeopathic Remedies

Answer - Levels of responsiveness or effectiveness to homeopathic remedies varies from one individual to another. A definitive answer isn't practical because each individual is unique and even similar illnesses or discomforts have varying degrees of tenaciousness based on a person's overall health. Some short-lived acute conditions often improve very quickly. Whereas, long-term chronic conditions may require several months of homeopathic remedies before returning your biological body to a state of homeostasis.

Question - Is Homeopathic Health Care Covered By OHIP

Answer - Unfortunately the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover homeopathic health care. However, many private extended health care plans do cover it. You may be eligible for reimbursement of amounts of up to 80%. Please consult with your plan's administrator. If further assistance is required please call 416-402-6480. Alternatively, you may submit your questions via my online contact form.

Question - Do I Need A Prescription To Get Homeopathic Remedies

Answer - It is not necessary to have a prescription to obtain homeopathic remedies. They are provided over-the-counter much like most other natural health care products. However, it is never a good idea to self-medicate based on your own research. Please, always consult with a qualified and well trained homeopath who will provide necessary understanding as well as guidance to assist with health and wellness matters.

Question - Where Can I Purchase Homeopathic Remedies In Brampton Or Surrounding Greater Toronto GTA

Answer - Many local health food stores stock homeopathic remedies, or if not they can order them. Village Health Food Store at 905-494-1818 or Nutrition Source at 905-792-8406 are good places to begin your search. Both stores also have brand name health products for children, women, men, as well as nutrition supplements for sports. Nutrition Source and Village Health Food are natural health food stores in Brampton that will almost surely help you find what you are searching for.

Question - Is There Anything I Should Or Should Not Do Before A Homeopathic Consultation

Answer - As it relates to homeopathy, there are no pre-appointment considerations to be concerned about. Just put your worries aside and come as you are!

Question - I Have Never Heard Of Bowen Therapy Before What Is It

Answer - Rather than repeat what I have explained elsewhere on this website may I please refer you to my in depth presentation about Bowen Therapy. After reading about it there is a video presentation about Bowen Therapy to gain a better understanding.

Question - Are Bowen Therapy Treatments Covered By OHIP

Answer - Like most, if not all, alternative medicine modalities, they are not covered by OHIP. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) is primarily set in place to cover mainstream conventional medicine practices.

Question - How Many Bowen Treatments Will I Need To Receive Benefit From This Therapy

Answer - This question is best answered by referring you to the first question on this page concerning effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. Similarly, the experience of Bowen will be unique to each person depending on a condition's severity as well as overall patient wellness. Follow-up consultation after an initial treatment will provide a better answer to this question.

Question - Is There Anything I Should Or Should Not Do Before A Bowen Therapy Treatment

Answer - These alternative medicine treatments are performed by manipulation of muscular-skeletal nerve regions similar to acupuncture, acupressure, or tuina. A practitioner needs to be able to manipulate an area without restriction so it is best advised to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing. If arriving for an appointment directly from work we do have changing rooms if you wish to bring a change of clothing such as an athletic track suit.

Question - How Is Mammothermography (Breast Thermography) Different From Mammography

Answer - Mammothermography is a non-invasive radiation-free as well as touchless procedure with absolutely no side-effects. Whereas with mammography tests you are subjected to radiation and sometimes painful compression. Because of the non-toxic nature of this procedure it may be administered more frequently, without worries of side-effects, for women who may be considered to be in a high-risk group for contracting breast cancer. Learn more information about my breast cancer screening services in Brampton.

Question - Is Thermography For Breast Cancer Screening Covered By OHIP

Answer - No, breast thermography is not covered by OHIP. There may be extended private health insurance plans that may cover a portion of this examination. Please contact your plan administrator for details. As an added note; mammothermography examinations are considered a healthcare expense for Canadian income tax purposes and you may claim an appropriate deduction accordingly.

Question - Can I Continue To Receive Other Forms Of Holistic Health Care Treatments Such As Reflexology, Massage, Or Chiropractic Adjustments While Receiving Treatment From You

Answer - If you are receiving homeopathic guidance there is typically no reason you cannot continue to benefit from other forms of holistic health care treatments such as reflexology, massage therapy, or even chiropractic adjustments. Each patient is unique and each scenario is taken into consideration accordingly. You will be informed during your visit if there is anything to avoid afterward.

However, if I am treating with Bowen therapy techniques then I will recommend that you suspend other forms of muscular-skeletal modalities for the duration of your Bowen therapy sessions. The primary reason for this is because Bowen is a very subtle technique of manipulating clusters of nerve centres much like acupuncture or acupressure does. Mixing this treatment with other holistic modalities before a patient's body has had time to receive benefit from it is counter-productive.

Question - What Methods Of Payment Are Accepted For Your Health Care Services

Answer - Presently, payment for my alternative medicine services are accepted by cash or personal cheques.